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About Sorority NYX

Sorority NYX was founded by a group of 7 girls after the summer of 2008, on the 26th of November. The foundation of our sorority has always been friendship. However, we are also all girls with a strong opinion and are not afraid to share that. We are a group of friends who all have different personalities, which makes us the best friends we could ever wish for.


Nil volentibus arduum

Nothing is impossible for those who really want something.

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Activities with other sororities and fraternities

Throughout the year we do activities with other sororities and fraternities in Breda and outside Breda.


S.A. Xenia

Sorority NYX is a sorority of Student Association Xenia.

On the 30th of May 2002, student association Xenia was born as part of the International Hotel Management School in Breda.

Though it started as a rather small association, we can be proud of what has been achieved after all these years. With approximately 300 members, Xenia has become one of the largest student associations of Breda.

Xenia was considered to be particularly important already in ancient times when the Greek god Xenia stood for hospitality. This is what our association still maintains in their regular events and activities. We share the same perspective and passion for the hospitality industry and that is what Xenia makes one close network of national but also international students.

Outside of Breda, Xenia operates on a national level as well. First of all, Xenia is part of the Alliance: a network of the five well known Hotel Schools in The Netherlands. Furthermore, Xenia has a network with highly approved companies in the hospitality industry, something that provides our Xenia members all kinds of opportunities to professionally explore themselves and to get more involved in the hospitality industry.

Since student association Xenia has been established, it has expanded three times already while giving birth to one mixed fraternity, one fraternity, and two sororities.

G.D. Egidius was the first of Xenia and the first one of Breda where both boys and girls were welcome to share their unforgettable moments together.
Secondly, DD Vigeo was founded on the 22nd of January 2004. Then, on the 26th of November 2008 Xenia gave birth to us, Sorority NYX. Finally, our little brother Fraternity Palto was founded on the 21st of March 2012.

For more information on S.A. Xenia please check their website via the button below.



Studio Dependance

Welcome to one of the most inviting restaurants and bars in Breda! Running strong since 2005. Studio Dependance is a fanatic addition to the sparkling city of Breda. There is always something to see and do! You can go to the Dependance for a well-prepared lunch or dinner, a cup of hot coffee, a drink, a night out, delicious cocktails, live music, cocktail workshops … you name it, they have it at Studio Dependance!
For Sorority NYX, the Dependance is a place where we spend most of our days together, this is where we come together for our weekly meetings and enjoy the nightlife that Breda has to offer. With the number of different options for live music and a DJ that plays all the latest music, it’s the best place for NYX to spend time with each other and meet other people. So when you’re in the neighborhood, you just might find one of us on the terrace with a glass of beer enjoying the sunshine or inside with a nice warm cup of tea!


Piet Holten

Renee Holten’s father was kind enough to lend us his machine that he currently operates in Shanghai China to create blouses and blazers for the girls of Sorority NYX. This was done out of the kindness of his heart and we are grateful that he was able to take the time and sponsor us with them as we now look dashing and professional in our blouses and blazers.
Since the girls of Sorority NYX were so happy with the product that Mr. Piet Holten delivered, Renee asked if he was again willing to help us out and sponsor something for us. And yes, again Piet was kind enough. This time Piet created shirts with long sleeves for the cold weather that Breda sometimes brings.
Thank you Piet Holten for all your sponsoring, we really appreciate it!


Impressive Branding

Impressive Branding is run by the young and enthusiastic René Mureau. With his fresh, humoristic, innovative, but thorough approach, he focusses on the development of branding and identities. They do this for a variety of companies, institutions, people, and events. By means of the unique ‘maximalist’ graphic design, Impressive shit brings brands to life. René does not only design but also does production. Impressive Shit offers a unique solution where design and production are united. This results in exceptional company clothes and distinctive stickering.


Boven Breda / Popcatepetl

Situated in a monumental location in the Schoolstraat in Breda city center, this establishment is located. Boven Breda is the proud owner of two multifunctional rooms which are both filled with daylight, excellent for meetings. The spacious meeting room and quiet location positively contribute to the success of your meetings.  Boven Breda is a perfect option when looking for a space to hold workshops, reception- or party arrangements and offers endless possibilities for lunch, drinks, and dinners.
Boven Breda is known for its great food and drinks The hospitable approach combined with the sophistication makes it a perfect location. On the ground floor, located beneath Boven Breda is Mexican Restaurant Popocatepetl. Within walking distance are Pavilioen, the Colonie Breda, and City Hotel De Klok. These enterprises combined will tailor any arrangement, upon request.


GET Events

In September 2015 GET Events organized an awesome activity for us called ‘Wie is de Mol?’ We had an amazing night finding out who the ‘Mol’ was in our sorority. This is not the only event they organize. Would you like to organize an activity for your company or maybe an awesome bachelor party? GET Event is the right choice. They will give you a day or night full of fun and laughter.


Copyshop de Haan

This company, situated in Breda, is the place to go for all your print & digital press work. Think of invitations, posters, cards and so on. Thanks to their fast delivery and friendly staff, we enjoy working with them. If you are looking for a good supplier for print & digital printing, they will be happy to help you at Copyshop de Haan.

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